Pakistan want to Play an Important Role to Lighten the Tensions Between Iran and Saudia Arab

Pakistan Prime Minister has leave for a only day Visit in Tehran he further said on the joint press Conference With the Iran President that he is also Leaving to Saudia Arab on Tuesday. Prime Minister was recieved by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the Airport.

“Pakistan does not want any conflict between Tehran and Riyadh.I am happy to mediate talks between Iran and Saudia.I am very hopeful as I had effective talks with the Iranian Supreme Leader,” He said on a press conference.

He further Added that Pakistan also want to play an important role For the peace in the Region,he also thanks Iran about there help in 1965 when Pakistan was facing hostilities.

He also thanked the the Goverment of Iran for supporting the Indian Kashmiri’s who are in under Curfew of India.

“Iran is our neighbour. Ties with Iran go way back. Saudi Arabia has been one of our closest friends. They have helped us when we have been in need. We do not want a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. We recognise that it is a complex issue, but it is something, we feel, can be resolved through dialogue,” the premier said, adding that there are vested interests that want this conflict to take place, but we must not allow it.

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