This Popular Travel Vlogger Thinks that Pakistan is The World’s No. 1 Tourism Destination

Yes Pakistan,It’s not exactly on every female traveler’s bucket list. But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be. When you ask v-logger Eva zu Beck, who thinks Pakistan could be the world’s #1 tourism destination.

She is the Travel v-logger and dont take her words on lighter note.She has been visited over 60 countries and with more than 3.8 lac followers on Instagram and 324 k YouTube channel subscribers – from videos exploring forgotten islands in Yemen to exploring Aleppo, Syria alone – she knows a thing or two about the world’s most under-the-radar destinations.

She is the biggest fan of Pakistan.She head straight into “Taliban Territory” to live with a local family. She hiked to the base camp of the world’s second tallest mountain and its World no 1 dangerouse Mountain. K-2 is also called the killer mountain. She traveled to the world’s highest concrete (over) international border crossing. She also met many other females and hear their stories. She took on Karachi alone.

After seen her instagram profile it came to know she is the biggest fan of Pakistan

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