P.T.I Goverment is Moving from Its Stance Related to Jobs

Fawad Hussain Chouhdhary who is the current Federal Minister for Science and Technology said that the gooverment is not going to give any job to youngster.He also added the PTI is going to shorten the goverment.

Further more he said that currently PTI goverment is going to pull down 400 department.

“If the goverment start giving jobs to the young ones the whole economy Framework will be led down “, He said That.

So he requested the vice chancellors to settle the young by saying that PTI goverment is not going to give any job.

Click the link below to know what he said.


When Imran Khan came to the government, he repeatedly announced that Thau’s government promised to create new jobs in Pakistan. People will come to Pakistan to work. Remember that he promised to make the new 5 million cheap house for the poor people in Pakistan.

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