Pakistan Stock Exchange break the Trend of Past two days

Finally After two days of Decreasing here comes a positive news from The Pakistan Stock Exchange Market (100-index) from the past two days the market has lose around 400 points.

There’s a strong Reason of being uncertainity in the Stock Exchange on 14th of October the Chairman has release notice in which was written the commisiion of the Brokers was Increased sooon after the notice the rising of the Market converted into the decreasing point whereas it is observe that due to that notice the market become start fluctuating.

On Monday soon after the opening the market raised more than 200 points however when the notice was issued the market uplifting starting to downwarding.On Monday there was a trade of not more than 13 crore shares while on Tuesday it also follow the trend as of Monday and the trade of the shares were only 9 crores due to Strike of The Brokers.

Today the downward trend break down and the market was raised upto by 34.434 point whether the lowest point was 34,083 however the market was closed at 34,281 points overall 200 points were high as compare to last day.

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