E-Bike Price in Pakistan and It Has Some Additional Features.

Everybody in the world want To use that type of Vehicle which cast Cheap, So here is a positive development for Pakistan. SUNRA is launching E-bike in Pakistan.Company says no fuel,no Oil maintenance additionally it has no smoke and no voice (Soundless).The bike has no gear and clutch you have accelerate the bike and it start moving.

Maximum speed of the bike is 70 and additional feature of the bike has cruise controller. and it takes only 1.5 unit to charge the bike and the bike can travel 70 kms on per charge .

The bike has three colours red blue and dark blue whereas the price of bike is 1,29,000. The bike also has disc breaks

The E-BIKE also plays a vital role in climate change and reduce the air pollution because of no Smoke.Overall its a positive step to encurage the reduction in climate change

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