The Goverment is Imposing Tax On whatsapp and All Social Media Call

Cabinet of Lebanon has agreed to add call duties from Different Social Media webisite like facebook call,imo and whatsapp etc.This step raise the revenue of the country and the goverment can spent this money on the Peoples,says Minister.

Lebanon does not have a good infrastructure,low ratio of growth and country has one of highest debt burdens,due to that reasons the the cycle of the finacial system is moving slowly. The Lebanon Goverment declared “ECONOMIC EMERGENCY” on the State.

Ministry Of Information said on Thursday that the cabinet had agreed a charge of 20 cents per day for calls via voice over internet protocol (VoIP), used by applications that include FaceTime, Facebook calls, and Facebook-owned Whatsapp.

Around there are 3.5 million users and the fee could raise the income of $250m in annual revenues.

Prime Minister said the government would work to further reduce the 2020 budget deficit.

Foreign alliance are not fully satisfied about the Lebanese government is serious about reforms, and a French envoy last month criticised the pace of work.

On Cabinet Session, the ministers discuss to raise the value added tax (VAT) upto by 2 percents in 2021 wile in next it and other two percent would be raised in 2022 unless it would be reach on 15%.

The 2020 draft budget will be send to parliament for approval,However the ministries are agreed by this draft.

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