FATF Gives a last Chance to Pakistan Till Feb 2020

Yesterday The president of FATf said on press conference that Pakistan has to remian in the GreyList till Feb 2020 and its a Final lifeline for Pakistan. FATF wants to take more measures to Pakistan for action against terror and money Laundering.

“THE FATF strongly motivate the Pakistan to complete the requirement by the year 2020,Otherwise FATF will look forward to take action against Pakistan furthermore FATF can also add PAKISTAN in blacklist”,The chairman said.

On the otherside The FATF showes up some Dangerous warning about the overall insufficiency of progress in TF risk,
having insufficiency in indicate enough understanding of Pakistan’s transnational TF risks, and more broadly, Pakistan’s failure to complete its action plan in line with the agreed timelines and in the TF risks ,” the statement read.

“Finace action task force was only satisfied five of 27 action items, with varying levels of progress made on the rest of the action plan.

“They also motivates Pakistan to swiftly complete its full action plan by February 2020.”

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