Finally, punjab police catches persons responsible for the terrible crimes committed against children?

Pakistan, among others, is reaching a new stage as offenders seem to roam freely, with the security issues confronting people. The enhanced tolerance in situations of mental and physical abuse of the child has made parents impotent owing to unfair treatment by the officials.

 The condition has escalated. Nonetheless, the Chief Minister (CM) Uzman Buzdar stated recently, in support of the same issue, that a person was involved.

Now, with the government of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) trying to stabilize the country’s economic conditions, a host of other negative issues impact Pakistan adversely. Three cases of rape were registered at Abbottabad in August, causing tension between the masses over a span of just two days. Thankfully, CM Punjab Usman Buzdar has announced, as recently reported, that a lead suspect called Sohail Shahzad has been arrested by Chunian police for rape and killing innocent children.

After a blood sample from the 27-year old accused Sohail, Shahzad, matched one of the minors missing in June and later found dead, the tremendous allegations were made in an official press officer of the CM, Usman Buzdar. The CM claims that Sohail Shahzad, a cold-blooded man, first abducted four young people, assaulted them violently and then murdered them brutally. In fact, he told the families involved that justice will be done and the culprit severely punished.

Take all the story to conclusion he said

“Since June 2019, in Chunian, four cases of ‘child missing’ are reported till now who were then physically abused. The names of children were identified by the DNA of the dead body of one child and the bones of the other three. The cement and bloodstains found on the children’s bodies got matched with the DNA of a suspect and his name is Sohail Shahzad, son of Mohammad Aslam and the age of the suspect is 27-years-old. All four killings have been propagated by this serial killer.”

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