After 10,000 miles and 19 hours, longest flight of the world touched down in Sydney

Only 50 passengers were on that plane, which was used to test the viability of ultra-long flights.

The longest flight has successfully tested – with 50 passengers and crew constantly in air for almost 20 hours from New York to Sydney.

Qantas Flight 7879 traveled 16,200km in 19 hours and 16 minutes – landed in Australia on Sunday morning with fuel to spare. The journey on a new Boeing Dreamliner was an experiment to examined how ultra-long-haul journey affects those on plane.

At the moment it is not possible for commercial aircraft to fly such a long with a of passengers on board.

To make sure the plane could travel that far, the [lane had maximum fuel, a limited baggage and no cargo.

A research team was deployed to monitor activity – as well as consumption levels of people on board.

They also examined on crew internal secretion levels of pilots during the flight.

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