PTI goverment Initiate To Launch 12 New Systems

In a bid the government has chosen to introduce ’12 systems’ job. It is being done to effectively incorporate modern technology into the operations of government departments.

The NITB (National Information Technology Board) has started working on the purpose, and a number of the jobs have already entered their final phases to the conclusion.

According to a copy of”Minutes of Meeting”, also reported by The Express Tribune, the NITB is working to present a self-information management system. The machine will help track the execution of the decisions of the cabinet.

The newly introduced system will offer a monitoring and follow-up system, which will assure the execution of of the decisions and procurements. They will be electronically delivered to secretaries and cabinet members of divisions and related ministries.

Further, it was advised that secretaries of the ministries and divisions will electronically transfer the data regarding the implementation of decisions. The progress on the developments will be uploaded , making it in access.

“The dashboards of this data management system (IMS) would be available with all the premier and cabinet division. The PM will have the ability to check on his discretion the condition of the implementation of the cabinet’s conclusions on a real-time basis and cabinet division will provide a on the spot decisions on a real-time basis,” the media report .

Further, The NITB is currently working on following projects’ implementation as well:

E-commerce policy
=> e-point safety for the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA)
=>government end procurement
=>the under-price resource planning system
=>Pakistan Intra-Communication System
=>Silicon Valley offices

The board is also working to introduce a self-information management program, which will track the source of fake news down and also play its role in combating money laundering.

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