Social media app TikTok removes Daesh propaganda videos

TikTok has taken down accounts that were posting propaganda videos for Daesh, an employee said Tuesday, in the latest scandal that ot hit.

TikTok, which is owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, claimed some 500 million users all over the world last year, making it popular social app.

An employee of TikTok told AFP that almost 10 accounts were blocked for posting the videos.

“Only one video had views that got into double figures before being taken down,” said the staffer.

The videos had corpses being paraded through streets and Daesh fighters with their guns, according to the Journal, which reported the story.

The Journal said the posts were from about 12 accounts, which were marked by social media intelligence company Storyful.

“Content promoting terrorism have absolutely no place on TikTok,” the company said in a AFP.

“We permanently ban any accounts and devices as soon as identified, and we continuously develop stronger controls to detect suspicious activity,” it said.

The TikTok app, which allows users to make and share 15 seconds video, is very popular with teenagers.

“Daesh postings violate APP’s policies, but the volume of content makes it difficult for TikTok to police their platform and root out these videos,” he said.

The app met many controversies in recent months.

In April, TikTok was banned by India claims it was promoting pornography among children.

The app is banned in Bangladesh and was highly fine in the america for illegally collecting information.

The company has rejected the allegations, saying they followed by local privacy laws.

ByteDance has a version of TikTok in China called Douyin.

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