The Inside details of Fazlur Rehman’s meeting with Gen Bajwa

Its own anchor on Wednesday shown in a TV channel series it . The anchor that was stated was included one of the press people who had a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to this anchor’s edition, the assembly took place ago when the Maulana had declared his Azadi March.
The co-host of this series claimed that the assembly is a frequent understanding.

He claimed that the military leader assured the Maulana he stands by democracy and the Constitution. The co-host further promised that the Maulana made another telephone call to somebody else and hunted the boon for carrying march only with the assurance he would not opt for sit-in and even there’ll not be a public assembly, but he must be offered consent for holding march. “we’ve been doing exactly what the Constitution asks ,” allegedly the military chief said. He have to bear in mind that situation is so crucial and reminded Maulana Fazl he is a leader.

The problem on the boundary with India is because of Kashmir growth and the scenario of Afghanistan is a source of difficulty. The military chief informed Maulana which it is not time because the market was brought following herculean efforts on the track within the nation and 42, for staging the demonstration and allegedly known to Iran-Saudi Arabia affairs. In accordance with this co-host, the COAS made it apparent to the Maulana they would not allow destabilisation .

By stating that he’s a prime minister that was constitutional, the military leader ruled out the chance of notion. “Neither me nor you can minus him” In accordance with this co-host, the military leader made it clear that in case the Maulana insisted to wage demonstration place could be taken by a few minus. For the interest of equilibrium, if a few causalities take the Constitution and place gives it, then such actions will be taken without any reluctance.

The co-host stated for doing it 13, the Maulana was banned. The co-host did not offer the title. He maintained that is moving since the government has played its cards .

Maulana Fazlur Rehman was not readily available for his remarks.

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