PM to chair important meeting on country’s economy today

The country has made starting a business easier by expanding the functionalities of the online one-stop-shop, stated the report. In the House today of the Prime Minister, the team has been known According to reports. The PM will preside over the improvements on tax collections in addition to the meeting where he is going to be briefed about the overall situation.

“This grow is important and made possible by collective and coordinated actions of Federal Government and Provincial Governments of Sindh and Punjab over the past year,” stated Illango Patchamuthu, World Bank Country Director for Pakistan.

“The reform agenda has many noteworthy features to improve quality of regulations, reduce time and streamline processes. This speed needs to be sustained in the coming years for Pakistan to continue to make progress.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan would convene an important meeting with the economic group today (Friday), where he is going to be briefed on the overall financial situation of the country. The meeting comes a day after the World Bank’s released its latest Ease of Doing Business Index 2020, where Pakistan showed massive improvement jumping up 28 locations on the indicator and clinching the 108th position, compared to 136th spot this past year.

Pakistan was among the most prominent improvement nations in Doing Business 2020, sitting alongside Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Togo Tajikistan China, India, and Nigeria. The PM would also be briefed over the advancements in investment opportunities too.

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