Smartphone malware targeting Pakistan’s government, military: BlackBerry report

BlackBerry says it does not understand who’s accountable for its campaigns but states it involves hacking classes that are state-sponsored. The report states one of those programs promised information after India enforced a security lockdown about the India-occupied Kashmir at August, cutting telecommunications for days and detaining thousands.

Espionage campaigns trying to steal information from devices of military and government officials are identified by the report. “The government is the goal of a recently identified and continuing espionage effort BlackBerry scientists have dubbed OPERATION DUALPAK, that will be using recently identified malware BlackBerry scientists have dubbed PWNDROID2,” the report said. “Virtually all of the authorities with a developed cyber capacity are interested in, and capacity to spy on the government and its powerful military.

Smartphone programs are currently targeting the army and government of Pakistan, according to a report by technology firm BlackBerry. The Android platform of Google was utilized by the programs and have been dispersed through email or on networking. Says that the campaigns signify a tendency of hackers targeting devices since people use them and in their private lives.

“The militants, other high authorities and their officers were also the topic of a parallel espionage campaign using both desktop and mobile parts BlackBerry scientists have dubbed OPERATION DUALPAK2 which uses recently identified Windows malware household BlackBerry scientists have dubbed PWNWIN2. BlackBerry researchers decided this attempt to be the job of the following state-sponsored APT team called CONFUCIUS,” it stated.

The report of blackBerry outlines malware attempts that are ongoing in different areas of the world where hackers seem to be acting in the interests of the Iranian, Chinese, Vietnamese and North Korean authorities. “BlackBerry researchers decided that the effort to be the job of a probable state-sponsored APT group called BITTER.

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