FATF grey list: Govt decides to fulfil remaining conditions till Dec 2

About freezing and seizure all assets and properties of prohibited Films Jamatud Dawa (JuD) and also Jesh-e-Mohammed (JeM) at Punjab, the FATF has asked Pakistan to become accepted the Environmentally and Seizure Ordinance, 20-19 from the Punjab Assembly and rendering it a Act, in accordance with sources.

An assembly has been held at the Punjab Home Department recently, that had been engaged by Director General Farooq Ahmad from foreign ministry,” National counter terrorism Authority (Nacta) senior officials, Punjab prosecution secretary, special secretary healthcare insurance and education, secretary colonies, and manager overall societal wellbeing, Board of Revenue officials, and senior officials of sensitive bureaus and deputy commissioners of varied districts in Punjab throughout video-link.

Resources said that the FATF additionally required in its own latest interview all employees of their educational institutions, hospitals and dispensaries, captured from the JuD, JeM as well as other prohibited outfits, ought to be moved into medical and education sections and also a’mix and fit policy’ should be embraced in this respect.

The FATF has also required that the Punjab government invent a long term and detailed intend to conduct these associations and devote longer or even billion from the funding to keep their own expenses. It was compulsory that no body ought to really be provided with charge of organisations and officers should be appointed .

Resources stated 599 properties of organisations were captured. For moving 40 of 199 ambulances into the 15, the FATF has inquired. The sources said that the cabinet has approved the Freezing 20-19, and Seizure Ordinance. The ordinance will be tabled at the meeting. The cabinet has chosen to match with all FATF requirements.

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