Day 2 IMF delegation will Meet Abdul Hafeez Sheikh

The International fund (IMF) delegation, that is on a visit to Islamic Republic of Pakistan currently, can meet consultant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs Abdul Hafeez ruler these days.

Today is that the second day of technical level talks between Islamic Republic of Pakistan and therefore the United Nations agency for the primary review meeting. in line with reports, Pakistan’s economic performance of the primary quarter of this yearare going to be mentioned within the meeting.

The consultantare going to beinforming on the economic performance of the country. The United Nations agency delegation also will meet with different officers. As per reports, the deficit within thehalf-moon of this business was Rs 476 billion. The pressure on deficit was reduced once non-tax revenue exceeded the target.

Under the terms of the United Nations agency, Islamic Republic of Pakistan has not taken a brand new loan from the banking concern. Meanwhile, steps are taken to forestallhiding and terrorist finance.

Earlier, on Monday the delegation met with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Shabbar Zaidi. The delegation reviewed the progress on tax reform within the meeting. Chairman FBR briefed the delegation on FBR’s first-quarter goals and assets. He additionally briefed the domestic revenue growth within thehalf-moon and reviewed progress on tax reform.

As per reports, revenue shortage was additionally mentioned because of reduction in imports. The United Nations agency delegation can once more hold talks with FBR officers.

The mission would judge implementation of economic targets in agreement by Islamic Republic of Pakistan for $ half-dozen billion facility. On July 3, 2019, the United Nations agency govt Board had approved the $ half-dozen billion for Islamic Republic of Pakistan for thirty-nine months.

According to reports, Islamic Republic of Pakistan is expecting completion of initial review and unharness of second portionvalue around $ 451 million or 328 million SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) by December this year with subject to approval of the Fund’s govt Board.

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