NAWAZ Sharif is In critical Situation Says:Doctor

Al-Azizia reference to Salazabad High Court hearing of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s request for release on medical grounds, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar appeared in court and said that Nawaz Sharif was satisfied with the treatment at the hospital Lahore, He expressed his confidence in the Punjab government

Justice Aamir Farooq told Sardar Usman Bazdar that the purpose of calling you is to take steps for all the sick prisoners. To which the Chief Minister said that I am also a lawyer, visited 8 prisons a year, the package of reforms in the Punjab jails is in the provincial cabinet.

The court gave the Chief Minister a report regarding the jails and allowed them to go back. The medical board termed Nawaz Sharif’s condition very critical and said that Nawaz Sharif has heart, kidney problems, Nawaz Sharif has problems with platelets. Is.

Doctors said that Nawaz Sharif’s platelets are very low, during treatment Nawaz Sharif complained of heart attack, the number of platelets in normal condition should be more than one lakh. The doctor said that they are looking for a solution to the disease.

So the other comes out, a board made up of highly professional doctors, Nawaz Sharif’s platelets are now 30,000, Nawaz Sharif is in danger, Nawaz Sharif has a heart attack. Questioned Dr. Adnan Are you a personal physician, read the report? To which Nawaz Sharif’s physician said that Nawaz Sharif’s condition is very worrisome, they are fighting for life, they are afraid not to lose them, Nawaz Sharif is giving life-saving medicines, the board of Nawaz Sharif Scan has been decided, Nawaz Sharif has never been seen in this situation.

Dr. Adnan, the family physician, told the court that the reasons for the decline in platelets could not be known; Worryingly, Nawaz Sharif suffers from heart, kidney, stroke, artery contraction diseases. Justice Aamir Farooq inquired if Nawaz Sharif in a few months What will be the penalty if they recover? To which the lawyer said NAB would have the authority, can apply for bail cancellation.

Justice Amir Farooq asked why under Article 401 why the executive does not do such work himself? Is there something wrong with that? The government has options for a sick prisoner. The NAB took the stand that the opinion of the doctors on Nawaz Sharif’s health is that he is an expert, doctors did not say that treatment of Nawaz Sharif is not possible in Pakistan.

What the court said was not mentioned, you only talk about the illness. NAB said the Supreme Court had suspended the punishment for six weeks for treatment. The Supreme Court had fixed some parameters during the suspension of the sentence. The government said that if a doctor was needed from abroad, he would also be called.

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