Pakistan Shutdown its Embassy In Afghanistan

Pakistan has made a decision to shut down its embassy in Kabul for an indefinite period due to recent incident of harassment of its own staff and officers.

The embassy said that it was stopping its operations local press reported.

On Sunday, the Foreign Office summoned Afghan chargé d’affaires in Islamabad to protest the harassment in Kabul and its particular own sub-missions.

“The Afghan c d’A was advised that the staff and officials of the embassy of Pakistan were being harassed over the previous two days. They were obstructed on the road and the embassy vehicles were also hit by motorcycles while moving to the embassy,” that the FO statement read.

The statement continued that the chargé d’affaires was advised it is the duty of the Government of Afghanistan to guarantee security, safety and freedom of movement to members of this mission. He was requested to convey to’immediately investigate these security offenses and harassment events’.

Pakistan also requested the chargé d’affaires that a written report in this respect be shared together with Pakistan and that measures are taken to safeguard against the recurrence of such incidents later on.

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