Rabi Peerzada may Be no More In Showbiz Industry

Singer Rabi Pirzada has bid farewell to the showbiz business amid controversy surrounding her endangered videos and images.

Taking to Twitter, the singer wrote,”I, Rabi Pirzada, have opted to distance myself in the showbiz industry.”

She wrote,”May Allah forgive my sins and embarrass others’ hearts towards me.”

Last week,’compromising videos’ of Pirzada went viral on social media. Though a huge number of customers called her out for’profanity’ others came out from her support and slammed the violation of privacy.

RabiPirzada was the best trend in the nation on Friday, with Twitter users hitting out at the breach.

Aurat Haq, a Karachi-based activist group also published a statement condemning the breach of privacy, in addition to the abuse of trust in a romantic relationship.

“We condemn the weaponising of a woman’s body against her for revenge porn. While we are on the subject — let’s deconstruct why we shame girls due to their expression of sexuality,” the statement went on to state.

Rights activist Nighat Dad also weighed in, stating that those who are weaponising non-consensual romantic videos and images and forwarding them are committing a crime under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016.

“Don’t be a silent bystander, report these tweets and don’t forward this violence,” she said

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