DG ISPR Claims Start of Ending of Indian Country terrorism since Kashmiris Withstand

Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor said It Is the beginning of an end to European Country terrorism as Courageous Kashmiris are Setting up a Struggle in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK)

On Tuesday, the DG ISPR took into his private Twitter handle and composed that clashes between the freedom fighters and Indian troops are on the raise where the Indian soldiers are getting killed and hurt.

  • The DG ISPR said that clashes between the freedom fighters and Indian troops are on the rise.
  • “Indian troops are getting killed and injured,” the DG ISPR tweeted.

“Brave Kashmiris are setting up immunity under siege. Indian troops are getting killed / hurt. It is beginning of the ending, ending of Indian state terrorism, job, IA. We’re with you,” that the DG ISPR tweeted.

It’s been four weeks since the Indian authorities revoked Article 370 out of its own constitution and stripped away from the special status given to IoK.

Now, IoK is currently 1 land and Ladakh, which borders China is another land and both are now dominated directly from Delhi. Following the nation had been bifurcated into two Union Territories, the president’s rule enforced in IoK has also been reversed.

The Kashmiris nevertheless, stay under siege with over 40,000 arrested in the valley in addition to in India. Internet services in addition to pre-paid providers continue to be suspended from the area.

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