Electric Vehicle Coverage to Start new vistas of business, employment in State: Amin Aslam

Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Tuesday said the federal cabinet had approved electrical car policy that could open new vistas of both business and employment. Addressing a media conference herehe said the electrical car policy had provided special incentives for automobile manufacturers.

According to global estimate, around 20% of green house gas emissions were mainly because of transport means whereas in Pakistan it was 40 percent due to vehicular emissions,” he added.

Amin said electrical vehicles had four important benefits such as: decrease in environmental degradation and ambient air pollution such as the smog problem in Lahore mainly perpetrated through automobile emissions.

“Electric motorbikes, rickshaws and cars make 70 percent less pollution and are a cheap supply of transportation.The price of conducting electrical car is 1/3 of a gas powered automobile.The import charge of the nation chiefly comprised of oil at which 30% conversion of current automobiles to electrical vehicles will lower its quantity and save US$2billion,” the adviser said.

To a query, he said there was just one percent obligation on battery powered vehicles spare parts that at current was 25 percentage as there was no idea of those means of transportation prior to, adding”One percent general sales tax has been released on locally manufactured electrical cars, motorbikes and rickshaws.”

He said,”During my trip Karachi I come to know that the local automobile manufacturers have developed electrical cars, all of the essential machinery and paraphernalia to tap on the market and are waiting for the coverage’s approval in the cabinet”

The adviser mentioned that special economic zones had been suggested in the policy to establish local electrical car manufacturing components.

“Pakistan wants to become the heart of manufacturing and exporting of right-hand driven electrical vehicles on the planet where the private industry has an chance to capitalize on the untapped potential of this market,” he said.

He moved on to say that not just electrical car manufacturing businesses would generate employment and company rather battery powered car charging infrastructure has to be developed that would accommodate a majority of those masses.

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“Around 3,000 CNG stations are lying abandoned because of lack of natural gas distribution whereas negotiations are underway to convert these gas stations on electrical car charging components,” he advised the media.

A Korean company was considering creating battery swap (lithium ion battery used in electrical vehicles) setup making the batteries used in electrical vehicles together with exchange facility at Lahore that was under consideration, Amin Aslam advised the media.

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