Egyptian bus transportation network Swvl to invest $25mn in Pakistan

Swvl LLC, the Egyptian bus transportation community startup, plans to spend $25 million in Pakistan in the coming years which might also help generate over 10,000 projects.

“The major part of the $25 million will be spent in developing a mass transit system for example placing in buses and scaling up the demand,” Arab News quoted Swvl Manager General Shahzeb Memon.

Memon was of the opinion that his company aims to give mass transit system into the budding middle class in urban areas. “In Pakistani emerging markets such as Karachi, there’s absolutely no suitable public transport system available. Therefore, we come in and take the load off the authorities,” Memon said. “We are here in order to install the mass transit system for its large middle class, where we use buses to generate enough demand for them.”

“Our main focus is to build our client base in those densely populated towns; then we’ll visit grade two towns “

Pakistan is currently Swvl’s largest market and with operations in four towns, the Egyptian company also plans to establish a foreign service office .

“We are planning to start an offshore service office in Pakistan as labor this is cheaper…. We are also considering the possibility of starting an engineering division in Pakistan to construct the technologies as Pakistan has some of their greatest talents from the world and we’d love to use it,” said Memon.

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