India plays ISRO breach by North Korean hackers

North Korean hackers are supposed to have breached India’s space agency through cyber attack that took place through India’s failed Chandrayaan-2 moon assignment. The involvement of North Korea from the cyber attack has been portrayed by India to appear less important than it really is,” Financial Times reported Thursday.

Cyber security consultants with data on the events said the Indian Space Research Organization was warned of this cyber attack.

He make a statement,”Our systems weren’t endangered and our systems weren’t affected.We have an internal system that’s 100 percent isolated on the world wide web.”

Creator of Security Brigade, a cyber security company in Mumbai, Yash Kadakia said lately, the space authority was not the government agency that had been targeted.

He said at least five agencies, including the nation’s Atomic Energy Regulatory Board had faced such attacks in the past.

He stated that 13 of the space and atomic energy officials received phishing emails. He pointed out that he reviewed data in the host that had been hacked by the suspects.

“This isn’t really rocket science, but it wasn’t really anything cutting edge, it was a phishing email, an unpatched browser and a lack of observation,” Kadakia remarked.

Cyber attacks by North Korean hackers have sent a wave of concern among the nuclear powers around the globe that fear the suspects can steal tech and interrupt the operations despite safety measures.

The cyber attack episodes are a setback to Narendra Modi, who had showcased India as a nuclear power and a champion in space power.

Sohn Young-dong, a defense specialist at Hanyang University in Seoul, said that Pyongyang may use the nuclear technologies attacks to conquer its energy crisis, as well as aiming to”market these information to nations” such as Iran.

“In layouts and manuals that were printed and that the hackers meant to cause a malfunction of nuclear reactors, but failed to break in their management system,” he stated.

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