Aamir Liaquat proposed to actress Fiza Ali in front of his wife

Speaking about the current episode of her talkshow at which Aamir had once again repeated his wish to marry Fiza, while at the presence of his existing spouse, Fiza said Aamir had earlier suggested to her prior to his second marriage. But she said, although Aamir was just being honest but she wasn’t mentally prepared at that time after moving through the bitter divorce from husband Ayaz Malik.

Actress Fiza Ali revealed at a recent interview that TV personality Aamir Liaquat Hussain proposed to her before he got married to Tuba Aamir.

Revealing details, Fiza said from the recent interview that a few years back Aamir had proposed her if Tuba was not in the picture. “We weren’t going out or anything. I was in Karachi for work.

He [Aamir] had heard about my divorce and asked me to marry him. I was not in a fantastic place at the time and did not make much of his proposal. They are both friends; I was really happy for them although I got busy and didn’t get a chance to congratulate them,” she added.

Fiza lately encouraged Aamir and his second wife on her talk show, where Aamir himself revealed that Fiza was presumed to be his wife but she denied his proposal. He added that Tuba does not have an issue with Fiza getting his third wife, although it wasn’t entirely clear if the religious scholar was only joking or being serious.

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