Importance of Life

that next time will definitely start.

Nevertheless, realizing that a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE IS EASY, a person imperceptibly takes small steps to overcome a great distance on the way to health, both physical and psychological.

It is not necessary to drastically rebuild your lifestyle and switch to complex health systems. The main thing to start !!! Take a small step towards a healthy life. Even a very small change in this direction makes us healthier and thereby prolongs our life. And when this, even the most insignificant, action becomes a habit, take another step, and so on.

The path to a healthy lifestyle everyone starts in a different way, and as a rule, with what is easiest for a person to do. For some, this is adding a useful product to the diet, for others, it is normalization of sleep, for the third it may be easier to start with hardening.

Three main principles of a healthy life


What do you think: what plays the most important role in our state of health? In 1994, the interagency committee of the Security Council of Russia on the protection of public health, based on international scientific and medical data, compiled a rating of factors that determine well-being, morbidity, or resistance to disease, and ultimately the human life expectancy. The main contribution is made by:

– genetic factors – 15 – 20%;

– state of the environment – 20 – 25%;

– medical support – 10 – 15%;

– conditions and lifestyle of people – 50 – 55%.

In a word, doctors, scientists and analysts have confirmed: first of all, our health is in our own hands and more than half depends on how consciously and responsibly we behave in everyday life.


“The main rule of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition,” explains Oksana Drapkina, Head Freelance Specialist-Therapist, Ministry of Health of Russia, Director of the National Medical Research Center for Preventive Medicine. – Alas, today both in Russia and in the world there are more and more obese people. Moreover, according to a sample from 1993 to 2013, obese men in our country have tripled. But the number of obese women has increased slightly.

It is important to understand that being overweight is not only an aesthetic problem, doctors emphasize. Obesity leads to hypertension, contributes to the development of coronary heart disease and increases the risk of myocardial infarction. Just imagine: every extra 4 kilograms leads to an increase in systolic (upper) pressure by 4.5 mm Hg!

Joints also suffer from obesity: it is difficult for them and the spine to “carry” extra pounds. And another dangerous consequence of being overweight is that an obese person is a springboard for systemic inflammation of the body, warns Oksana Drapkin. Because adipose tissue contains cytokines that support inflammation in the body. And chronic systemic inflammation, in turn, is the path to cancer.


Alcohol-free cirrhosis

Obese people often develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, when fat is deposited in this organ despite the fact that the person does not abuse alcohol. This is a “silent” disease, which practically does not manifest itself, but at some point can progress very quickly into cirrhosis of the liver, the expert explains.

Is there less or more to move?

How to get rid of dangerous excess weight? “Obesity is an imbalance between the energy we consume and the energy we expend. It is important to understand that exactly what we eat plays a greater role in weight gain. Strange as it may seem, physical activity affects the position of the arrow on the scales to a lesser extent, ”says Oksana Drapkina. According to the expert, the main thing that needs to be done to get rid of excess weight is to limit the intake of carbohydrates: sweet and starchy. It is because of them that people grow by leaps and bounds. The latest international PURE study showed that a diet where 60% of the energy consumed is in carbohydrates negatively affects overall mortality.

But the body needs a reasonable amount of fat: for example, you can absolutely definitely afford a little butter for bread in the morning, the oil contains valuable vitamin A, the expert explains. But vegetable oils are especially useful – primarily olive and flaxseed, which contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids.