Irresponsible french

In Europe, they talked about the crisis and the withering of the great cities of the continent.

The invasion of refugees, migrant workers and migrants erases their usual appearance. And while London is nervously digesting the daily killings, bloody showdowns and accidents of a dilapidated infrastructure, among which the metro network has become the most vulnerable spot, Paris begins to be buried in the garbage that they like to set fire to during the mass demonstrations of “yellow vests”: at their fingertips containers full of waste always turn up.

The British Guardian writes about a new Paris disaster: graffiti hooligans began to paint trees on Saint-Martin boulevard with their insane signs. They leave their marks on benches, lampposts, on the doors of houses, shop windows.

Several years ago, more than 20 million euros were spent on the reconstruction of the Republic Square. Today it has turned into a large rooming house, where the homeless are spreading their sleeping bags and mattresses, sidewalks are strewn with various rubbish, abandoned by bicycles and electric scooters. The city of love and romance is called today by the Parisians a “wastebasket”.

According to the professor of the American University in Paris, Matthew Fraser, who lived in Paris for 30 years, the city is in chaos, nothing is organized, there are traces of urban anarchy around. Anglo-Saxons haughtily indicate that this is the result of the “chaotic energy” of the French and their habit of relying on the help of the state in solving their problems, which supposedly deprives them of a sense of responsibility for their actions.

Every year, the city hall spends a gigantic sum of 550 million euros to get rid of 16 tons of dog excrement produced per day by 200 thousand pets, 350 tons of cigarette butts and garbage from emptied 30 thousand garbage cans. But the French continue to litter heavily.

In 2016, Japanese tour operators expressed concern that Parisian garbage would scare away tourists from Japan and set about cleaning the Trocadero gardens, from which the panorama of the Eiffel Tower, from cigarette butts, beer cans, and other rubbish, on Sundays.