The “Darling” Of Mehwish Hayat Refuses To Kiss Her

Pakistan’s  multi-talented actress   Mehwish Hayat ,  who lives in the hearts of her fans   due to her dynamic personality, failed to persuade  ‘Noor of her life’ to kiss her even after   repeatedly begging  to   the sweetie  pie.

On Thursday, Hayat posted an adorable video with her  cutesy little niece, wherein she can be seen seen requesting to the munchkin to give her a kiss.

However, Hayat’s pleas go in vain after the little one refuses to give the starlet a speck on the cheek. 

“Missing my doll .. this shararti little munchkin. Funny how she chooses to kiss her thumb instead of her Aani’s cheek despite my begging lol Maybe have to bribe her with candies next time. Love you ! my darling Sitara, the Noor of my life,”  Hayat wrote posting the video. 

Check out the video here: 

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