Perfect sailing, you must know the five canoe skills

Canoes are the new darlings of many people in the waters in recent years, but few people know how to actually improve their boating skills. Today we invite the French canoe competition champion, Nouria Newman, to teach some unique secrets so that you can be here. The sport is more comfortable.

1. Fundamental endurance

Whether you use running, cycling or swimming for a long time to strengthen your individual endurance, it will be a necessary condition for you to have more physical strength during training, especially when you have to skate for a long time. And when you canoeing, you will often encounter severe challenges such as rushing water or rocks. Once you have enough physical strength, the challenges that these problems pose to you are not as harsh as you might think.


When you are canoeing, you will definitely have to spend a lot of effort. Whether you are turning, moving forward or maintaining speed, you have to push the whole canoe by thrust, even if you are faced with rapids or whirlpools. So Newman’s advice here is that in order to give you enough power to paddle, you can exercise your arms and upper body in the gym, not just weight training, some of which allow you to change the angle when you paddle. Training is also necessary.

3. Core and abs (core training)
In addition to having strong shoulders to paddle, the individual’s core muscles are also quite relevant for actions such as changing direction. Your core muscles will directly affect the path of the canoe as it swings, so it must be good. The core muscles are more handy when manipulating.


When moving a boat in the water, a good sense of balance can definitely make people feel more comfortable on the water. Of course, when you practice rowing on the water, you will definitely have a sense of balance. However, if you can train the core or strength in the gym, it is another way. You can try to find a sense of balance on the fitness ball, I believe you will gain something.

5.Work those shoulders (training shoulders)

When you are canoeing, the shoulders will definitely be the most vulnerable part of the injury, so if you can maintain your shoulders in the usual way, not only can prevent the pain from finding the door, but it also make you better when you canoeing. Performance.