TOP 10 Home decoration trend 2020

We found that people have a planning mindset on Pinterest, looking for and discovering things that inspire their inspiration, and then trying offline. ”

Many people like to find inspiration for home decoration on the picture social networking site Pinterest, but the longer you stay on the page, the more you realize that you may be confused by various home pictures of different styles.

In the past year, Pinterest’s picture on home furnishing has increased by 75% compared to 2016. Let’s take a look at the year-end report compiled by its in-house team. Based on the analysis of the collection and search data of 200 million users in the past year. Pinterest summarizes the interior design trends of 2018. The data visually reflects the tastes of consumers and analyzes the user’s vision of the home environment.

As Pinterest spokesperson Michelle Kramer said: “We found that people have a planning mindset on Pinterest, looking for and discovering things that inspire them, and then trying them offline.”

Through this report, you may have a clearer understanding of the 2018 home decoration trend, and perhaps provide more instructive inspiration and ideas for decorating your new home.


If you don’t plan to buy a new home or renovate your old home, the update of some small corners in your home space may be a cost-effective way to add freshness and surprise to your daily life.

For example, transform your traditional bathroom into a spa-style bathroom that we often visit at the resort, adding rattan furniture, DIY cedar bath mats, and even a eucalyptus leaf. The search volume of “spa baths” by platform users increased by more than 269%.

The magic of metal

During the 2016 London Design Festival, we introduced the popularity of metal oxide materials such as patina. Also during the “Design Shanghai” exhibition in 2016, copper was once popular. The same is metal, brass is the kind of retro effect, and is also a material that many designers love. The popular pictures on Pinterest also confirm this.

Especially in the home environment, designers often mix different types of metal, and a variety of colors, or to set the atmosphere, or to detail the details. The search volume of “metal mashups” by platform users increased by more than 423%.

Hello, terrazzo

As an artificial stone, the terrazzo is white, which is made by mixing the different colors and different sizes of gravel, glass, marble, quartz stone, granite, etc. into the cement bonding material to make the coagulated product, and then grinding and polishing the surface. product.

This material, once regarded as a low-cost, old-fashioned material, has appeared in various forms in the past two years. Its random patterns and patterns have given the creation of more imagination and possibilities. The search volume of “terrazzo” by platform users increased by more than 316%.