When is it better to go to Egypt?

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with plenty of sunshine throughout the year, full of affection and warmth of the ocean: the Mediterranean and the exotic ultra-transparent red. The country’s geographical location creates a tropical hot climate where the average temperature of the sea is not less than 20 ° C, which allows you to rest on the beaches of Egypt no matter what time of year. But before ordering a precious ticket, you should consider the natural characteristics of the Egyptian climate at different times of the year, and of course economic issues. Let us consider in more detail whether it is better to rest in Egypt.

Tourism – One of the main directions of economic development in Egypt. The presence of modern and comfortable hotels, tourist complexes, wellness centers, and diving centers allows the Egyptian tourist season to continue unrestrictedly – throughout the year. If the weather is temporary, you can relax by the pool, sit in the cosy café, conduct a wellness routine, massage or visit the country’s vast collection of ancient cities and museums.

The best time to relax from an economic perspective

Most Egyptian hotels are designed for midstream tourists. Therefore, Egypt has become one of the favorite resting places for our compatriots. When is it better to go to Egypt? Of course, at the lowest price period – in the off-season:

December – before the New Year holiday (1-20 days);

June (20-30) – At that time, people went to the Black Sea and other resorts in the Mediterranean;
January – The time for visitors to return home after the New Year holiday (10-20 days).
During this time – an expensive hotel in the air, with an average temperature of +28 ° C, a mild ocean – you will greatly save your family budget. Another way to save money is to choose a trip in the last ten days of the month because usually the holidays start with the first number and the demand for travel is higher.

Velvet season

If the economic aspects of the problem don’t bother you, then you should choose the best time to travel to Egypt. This is a tourist tour from October to November. Moderate wind, warm sea, no hot weather – “velvet season”. This is a guarantee for an unforgettable, enjoyable and active holiday. You will be able to:

Access numerous museums and the oldest cultural attractions in the country at any convenient time, without worrying about burning in the hot rays of the tropical sun;
Actively relax on the beach or take a walk along the beach all day long.
The most expensive and popular tourist route in Egypt is during the holidays. New Year, Christmas, May, Easter and November holidays. In order to ensure a holiday in the so-called “Egyptian high season”, you should book a voucher at a travel company in advance. Pre-ordering not only provides you with a wonderful holiday, but also

Egypt is the best time to rest and will allow even a little money.

So don’t be upset if your vacation falls during the adverse times of the year or winter. After the tourist season in Egypt, you will be rested with peace of mind.

Based on our recommendations and based on the size of your family’s income, the possibility of vacation, the time of your child’s holiday and your personal wishes, you can choose the best time to visit Egypt. But whenever you visit this wonderful country, its quality service, friendly hotel staff, unforgettable crystal clear red sea with rich and colorful marine animals will leave an unforgettable impression, fresh and humid ocean air will Clear your lung residue for a whole year.