PM Imran hits back at critics, says state of Medina was not built in a day

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday responded to critics asking him when Naya Pakistan will be turned into the state of Madina, saying that the state of Medina was not built within a day.

Addressing the International Rehmatul-Lil-Alameen (SAW) Conference in Islamabad, the prime minister said the state of Medina was a “source of inspiration for a progressive society”.

“People keep asking me when Naya Pakistan, modeled after the state of Medina, will be made and I tell them the state of Medina was not made in one day,” he said.

“This is a continuing struggle, but at least we have started on the path,” he added. “I will keep working to make this country on the principles of the state of Medina.”

While addressing the current political situation, the prime minister said no NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) or other relaxations can be given to the corrupt.

“People have said that I should forgive those who have looted the country, but it is not my money that they have looted,” he said.

The premier said that people give money to charity but do not pay taxes. “If they don’t give taxes how will the country progress? Those who plundered the wealth of the nation deserve no right to be spared.”

The prime minister explained that compassion is for poor and downtrodden segments of society and not for the powerful and corrupt people.

The prime minister further said that the greatest role model in the world was the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

“I used to have some other role models, but now my role model is the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

“The Muslims ruled the world for thousands of years. We must educate our youth about the reality of Islam,” PM Imran said. “Youth must follow the teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). His life is a role model for humanity.”

“Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey have decided to jointly produce films depicting great Islamic leaders in order to familiarise our population with our great history,” the prime minister said.

He said, I did not speak about the state of Medina before the elections because if I had, people would have said he is talking about the state of Medina for votes.

The prime minister further said that a person’s mission should not be to make money, but instead, it should be about making people’s lives better with the money.”

The prime minister also urged the ulema (religions scholars) to guide the government in transforming the country on the basis of Islamic principles.

I have faith Pakistan will rise again by following the principles of state of Medina, he added.

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