Common man’s Aid, investors’ facilitation among govt priorities: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan Monday said that after achieving the financial stability and revival of company sector’s assurance, the government was fully focusing the frequent man’s relief apart from ensuring that the investors’ facilitation and bringing the ease of conducting business.He said the measure wouldn’t just help bridge the demand and supply gap but also control the costs of the merchandise.

The assembly discussed the marketing of international exchange, incentives for large scale industrial components, authorities of this choice for duty free export of hospitals’ gear, coordination among center and states from the petroleum, gas and minerals industries, decrease in sugar prices and revival of Pakistan Steel Mills.

While discussing the marketing of minerals and mining businesses, the prime minister assured the federal government’s service to the states because of their capacity building in petroleum, gas and also the minerals industries.The trade advisor apprised the prime minister that the procedure for duty free export of these hospitals’ gear would finish within fortnight.

The prime minister was also briefed about the incentives given to the large scale industrial components.SAPM on Petroleum Nadeem Babar advised the assembly that the 12 exploration and production blocks would be auctioned by December 15 for which road shows and other promotion events were held in various countries.

He expected that the auction was expected to attract in considerable funding.The meeting was advised that effective measures were taken to control the sugar cost by discouraging the hoarding and profiteering. It was advised that the government’s determination to offer Rs 6 billion into the Utility Stores Corporation for distribution of daily use things would remarkably decrease the costs.

The prime minister was advised that a decent stock of this sugar was now available in the nation.

The trade advisor also Briefed the meeting about the attempts being made for the revival of the Pakistan Steel Mills while the finance ministry emphasized the improved financial state and the indicators.

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