Pakistan will Improve Its Exports Amazingly after FTA implementation

Free Trade Agreement signed between Pakistan and China will become operational from December.

Advisor to PM on Commerce believes Pakistani companies need to work on enhancing their international marketing.

Speaking to China Economic Net, throughout the Second China International Import Expo (CIIE), Dawood said,”Chinese authorities has given us chance that we can export more than simply cloth, leather and agricultural goods, we are going to get in to chemicals and technology, and watch it a really great chance for partnering more and more with Chinese companies”.

He was optimistic that Pakistan’s exports to China would increase significantly after the implementation of this new FTA.”I look forward to that kind of expansion. We have enormous interest in expanding our export to China, we had a couple of folks come to the very first Expo, the next one will probably have more.

And I can assure you at the next and the fourth, there’ll be more,” he said.The advisor admitted that Pakistani companies will need to work on enhancing their marketing, as no attempt is completed on international marketing. “Pakistan still [has] a very long way to go to enhance its own image, to do much better marketing. We are not too good at international marketing and this comes from the fact that in national marketing, demand has always been greater than distribution.

Therefore that the emphasis on marketing is significantly less. Overseas is another way around. Pakistan has to market, and also we haven’t learn it yet, but we shall,” he said.

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