What’s the reason for exponential increase in tomato rates

Tomato harvest arrival has been delayed in Sindh and Balochistan due to chilly weather.
Increase in tomato consumption by some 10-12 percent in current month also raised the demand.

Rising costs of tomatoes have turned into a headache for customers as the exorbitant costs have become a lot for buyers to bear. With invoices being filed in assemblies and authorities becoming bashed, the issue remains what has contributed to the situation.

As per accounts, tomato harvest arrival has been delayed in Sindh and Balochistan because of the chilly weather, whereas Punjab’s manufacturing is already available on the market which accounts for a tomato shortage resulting in rather large cost,” he said.

The commissioner advised that nearly all of the national highways and motorways were choked after heavy traffic for several days as a result of annual Tableegh-e-ijtima at Raiwand (Lahore). Tomato distribution from KPK so took additional time to reach the market especially in Karachi and thus a demand supply gap was created, which caused cost increase, he added.What’s more, the increase in tomato intake by a few 10-12 percent through the present month also raised demand.

On the other hand, the statistics are in stark contrast to the situation on earth as markets at the cities revealed that tomatoes were sold at the range of Rs200-250 percent, and wile were sold at as large as Rs300 per pound in Karachi and several other parts of the state recording an increase up to Rs150 in a single day.

The commissioner says that that harvest arrival situation would grow in the subsequent 48 hours and the costs would return.

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