PIA is Generating Good Revenue Reduce loss of 1.5bln

Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Air Marshal Arshad Mahmood Malik on Tuesday said the yearly operational reductions of those airlines had been decreased to Rs 1.5 billion against more than Rs 3 billion yearly reductions until he assumed the charge.

Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Air Marshal Arshad Mahmood Malik on Tuesday said the monthly operational losses of These airlines.
The decrease in operational losses became possible only due to day-night attempts of PIA team comprising those officers.
All the policies and decisions were dictated from the past but not anymore.

“The decrease in operational losses became possible only because of day-night attempts of PIA team consisting those officers that have been operating at PIA since last many years,” he said while speaking at an interactive session with members of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) here at the chamber.The PIA Chief said a lot required to be done in order to deal with PIA’s liabilities as whatever has been earned by the airline was mainly consumed on debt servicing,” he said.

PIA’s CEO advised that the airline had a fleet of 31 aircrafts, where 29 aircrafts were made match and were in the air and just two aircrafts were on the floor.For expanding the present fleet,” he said, PIA had leased an aircraft (A-320) out of its own funds, which might land in Pakistan on November 14, 2019 while another aircraft would also arrive in December this year.

Three to five wide-body aircrafts would also be added next year that would certainly facilitate those members of the company community planning to take direct flights into Canada and London.He said PIA had the potential to increase but unfortunately as a result of poor policies and management fashion, the problems being faced with the airline were largely ignored during the last 10 to 12 years, which caused overstaffing and surplus liabilities.

All of the policies and choices were dictated from the past but not anymore, as all of the choices are now only taken by the management keeping in view the company and commercial viability.”Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured that whatever is advocated by PIA will be prioritized from the lager attention of the nation,” he said and added that through a Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister also categorically stated that any individual seen in interfering in PIA’s affairs would face strict action.

Referring to PIA’s cargo operation, he said that earlier just 20 percent of their available capacity was being airlifted that has been enhanced to 80 percent because of company community cooperation.”The airline demands support and we’ll fall our cargo rates as compared to market rates if individuals decide to avail PIA’s cargo facility”, ” he said.

He also led the concerned PIA Official to make arrangements for registering a Memorandum of Understanding with Karachi Chamber by following Monday for establishing a PIA Office at KCCI’s assumptions which would offer extra services and facilities into the business community.

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