PM says country’s target is to create job opportunities for youth as Economy Is Stable

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that market of the nation is currently stable and the following target of this authorities is to create job opportunities to the youth by earning the investment.The prime minister said that the goal of inking the agreement between Chinese and Pakistani companies would be to initiate production of tires at Pakistan.

“The initiative won’t only aid in reducing import invoices but it is going to also increase foreign exchange reserves,” Imran Khan added.He maintained that Pakistan will continue to encourage Chinese investment in the nation by supplying overseas investors an enabling atmosphere.

The PM pointed out that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a game changer for its area which can help strengthen economic partnership between both nations.He said the government is dedicated to stabilize and raise the economy of the country by attracting foreign investment.

Imran Khan emphasized that Pakistan’s economy has stabilized as a result of the efforts of its own economic team while the current account deficit has been curtailed. We are not spending our foreign exchange so as to artificially stabilise the rupee.

It’s now being valued at its market rate and within the past 3 weeks, it has gained value.”The strengthening of Pakistani money reflects favorable thoughts in the stock market.”The PM said that International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Asian Development Bank have appreciated that the progress in nation’s market, saying Pakistan is going in the ideal direction.

He pointed out that Pakistan had increased 28 points over the World Bank’s ease of doing business index.”That is a currently a daily battle for the workplace, Board of Investment and Ministry of Commerce that we increase our exports and bring in investors so as to boost our nation.

“The prime minister said that the government was focusing on the evolution of the building industry and was also making attempts to facilitate overseas investors.

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