War Against Terroism Made Disasater For Pakistan Says Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the war against terrorism has established a disaster for Pakistan and the nation had sacrificed tens of thousands of lives for preserving peace in the area.He said while addressing an global conference in Islamabad on Thursday.

The ministry stated,”We’ve learnt a lesson to never become a part of somebody else’s war.””The effect of Pakistan in regional or international conflicts hasn’t been seriously analysed.

We’ve been on the frontline at Afghan Jihad and in war on terror which had adverse effects on our society”Imran Khan reported that the largest difficulty for Pakistan is India. He explained when rights of individuals are suppressed, such as India failed in Kashmir it contributes to violence and bloodbath.

He stated,”We attempted to solve issues with India a few occasions however, the Modi-led government isn’t eager to take things seriously.”He said under the present conditions, it is now hard to extend a hand of friendship to India.

He explained the understanding of Hindutva will possess far-reaching effects.Imran remarked that the planet should take the fact that the area is facing escalating tensions because of the Kashmir problem and all global stakeholders must play their role to settle the dispute.He said Saudi Arabia had consistently extended collaboration and aid to Pakistan.

“We have opted to play part of a mediator between Nordic countries and become a party or participate in battles,” Imran Khan explained.

He said China has improved over the United States in the past twenty years since it centered on its economy and trade growth.

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