Going green Requirements of the hour, says PM as Pakistan Intends to Install 360 MW wind Energy projects

With the intention to combat global warming, Pakistan would put up 360 Megawatts wind energy jobs in the price of $450 million, as the nation intends to create inexpensive electricity using renewable resources. The PM stated that the present energy problem was a result of short term preparation.

“Pakistan had a great deal of potential for hydroelectricity, but we picked for constructing power stations that operate on imported and expensive fuels.

We understood that in the long run the power would become costly because of currency depreciation, and our exports became noncompetitive from our neighbors such as Bangladesh,” he explained.The PM advised the energy generated from such projects are less than five pennies per unit, whereas we’re importing electricity for 10-12 pennies.

“With all these projects, the general cost of power goes down,” he explained.The PM remarked that the jobs could create fresh energy, which can be significant since the world faces the danger of global warming.

“Pakistan is one of the nations, most exposed to global warming, our water problems will deepen in the long run as our glaciers are now melting. So it’s extremely essential for all of us to battle global warming”Last, the jobs wouldn’t operate on imported gas and could create energy .

“We wouldn’t face any issue, even when our money slides down, our market will not be reliant on consequences,” he explained.PM farther said that Pakistan is currently on the ideal path and the authorities priority is to enhance the market of nation.

“We’re facing a current account deficit of $20billion, that turned out to be a really tough scenario for Pakistan, but today our market has stabilised,” he explained.

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