Saudi Arabia to test Pakistani workers under new foreign workers policy

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would currently run evaluation of its foreign workforce prior to granting them the visa, since the nation is set to present a brand new proficient foreign workforce program.

According to Saudi Gazette, Naif Al-Omair, head of the KSA ministry’s postsecondary evaluation program, stated that the ministry could arrange five phases for vocational tests, the initial proposed next month.

“These nations export roughly 95 percent of their employees to the Kingdom,” he explained.Under the new policy that’s set to be executed next month, creditors could be issued after ability tests and also the prior system could be slowly phased out.

Omair said the employees who pass the tests will be provided a five-year certifications, including that the application allows for analyzing the employees in their homes until they arrive at the Kingdom.

He said employees from India will be analyzed in December while people in the Philippines will sit to the tests from May 2020 and employees from Sri Lanka and Indonesia at July 2020 and people in Egypt, Bangladesh and Pakistan at December 2021.

Countless Pakistani expats operate in Saudi Arabia, and therefore are a source of much desired remittance, worth billions of dollars.

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