More than 260 fake media outlets set up by Indian network to target Pakistan: report

In Geneva, where the UN Refugee Agency has its own headquarters, the team found — an online”paper” that’s”coming 35 years in business”.

Analysis of those bogus sites revealed that nearly all of these were named after an extinct regional paper or spoof real networking outlets. They republished anti-Pakistan articles on the remainder of the influence Indian community — such as fake outlets like EP Today, 4NewsAgency, Times Of Geneva, New Delhi Times. Most sites had a Twitter accounts too.

The network included several layers of press outlets that lent and republished one another, making it more difficult for the reader to follow the manipulation, and consequently (sometimes) provide an illusion of worldwide service towards Indian economic interests.
KARACHI: A European non-governmental team has discovered a community of 265’fake’ news outlets handled through an Indian community to directly determine the European Union and the United Nations with articles critical of Pakistan.

Much of EP Today’s articles — has been attracted from the US-funded Voice of America socket — connected to Indian interests and has been critical of Pakistan, DisinfoLab’s research revealed.

The analysis discovered that the news outlets were handled by Indian stakeholders, together with ties to a massive network of think tanks, NGOs, and businesses from the Srivastava Group.

The EU DisinfoLab discovered that EP Today’s office address was just like that of this Srivastava Group that’s located in New Delhi. The IP address of this Srivastava Group was also home to the vague online press”New Delhi Times” and also the International Institute for Non-Aligned Research (IINS).

As stated by the DisinfoLab’s evaluation, the objective of the fake news outlets would be to affect global associations and elected representatives with coverage of particular events and presentations. In addition they supplied NGOs with helpful media material to bolster their authenticity and are impactful.

Why make the imitation outlets?

The DisinfoLab found signs both EP Now and Times of Geneva had exceptionally strong ties into a community of NGOs and think tanks, like the European Organisation for both Pakistani Minorities, along with Pakistani Women’s Human Rights Organisation.
The’EU DisinfoLab’ relies on exploring and handling complex disinformation campaigns targeting the EU, its member countries, core associations and core values.

The crucial content has been primarily targeted to affect public perceptions on Pakistan by multiplying its iterations on internet search engines.

Throughout the investigation, the DisinfoLab discovered the fake sites copy-pasted anti-Pakistan articles from odd press bureaus and amplified material shared by politicians and vague think tanks which encouraged Indian geopolitical significance.

1 such site — promising to be a self-proclaimed magazine to the European Parliament in Brussels — was copy-pasting a lot of news word for word.

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