Indian Muslim Review On Babari Masjid Case

An Indian Muslim team said on Sunday it might file a petition in the Supreme Court requesting a report on a judgment that granted a disputed site in Uttar Pradesh into Hindus, letting them build a temple.

“You will find obvious mistakes in the Supreme Court ruling, and we believed it would be wise to submit a review petition,” Syed Qasim Ilyas, a part of this team, told a media briefing.

The key Muslim litigant in the case, that the Sunni Wakf Board, has declined to submit a review, stating it honored the verdict.

The website, at which in 1528 that a mosque was constructed by an associate of the Mughal emperor Babar, has become the center of a bitter dispute involving India’s majority Hindus and Muslims, who constitute about 14 percent of the populace, since Indian independence.Back in 1992, a Hindu mob razed the mosque to the floor, resulting in riots in many areas of India.

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