Sheikh Rasheed inaugurates Special Steam Safari Train for Promoting tourism

Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad inaugurated Special Steam Safari Train in Rawalpindi on Sunday.

Speaking to journalists after inaugurating the new train, he said the initiative will help promote tourism from the nation.He explained that in first phase, the Safari Train will run from Rawalpindi to Golra.

Rasheed said the objective of the train is to emphasize the culture, civilization and legacy of Pakistan into the world.Seeing LHC verdict on Nawaz Sharif case, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed explained that the government did not strike any agreement with Nawaz Sharif and the court upheld the dignity of the government and Sharif family.He said that timing retains crucial importance in politics and war.

Rasheed says initiative can help emphasize civilization, heritage and culture of Pakistan into the world.
Tourists from United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Italy and Germany were on board the train.
At the first stage, the Safari Train will run from Rawalpindi into Golra.

He added that the high court’s verdict is not a win situation for Sharif household and neither a loose situation for the government but in fact it’s the victory of law.He added that the crisis-like situation in the nation will be over in next couple of months.

“It is Imran Khan’s agenda to never spare any thief and no one played any role regarding conclusion in Nawaz Sharif case.”The minister remarked that the former prime minister has been permitted to travel abroad for four weeks and he’ll return after conclusion of the said period.

Rasheed remembered that when Sharif brothers were leaving for Saudi Arabia back in the 90’s following a deal with Musharraf, they had requested the government to take Hamza Shahbaz as surety.Seeing JUI-F sit-in, the railways minister said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman finished the dharna on his own will instead on anyone’s advice.

He said that the five leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party are trying for plea deal in corruption cases.

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