Pakistan fully supported, facilitated Western hostages’ release by Taliban in Afghanistan: PM

Welcoming the release of 2 Western hostages from the Taliban on Tuesday, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan said that Pakistan fully supported and facilitated this release.Both hostages, Kevin King a US citizen and Timothy Weeks an Australian, are academics, who have been held captive by Taliban because August 2016.

They had been kidnapped when gunmen ambushed their car in central Kabul and abducted them. In a tweet on his personal Twitter handle, the PM said Pakistan appreciate steps taken by all required to make it feasible. He said that Pakistan has completely supported and facilitated the release as part of the international community working to bring peace and end the suffering of the Afghan people.

“We expect this measure provides a boost of assurance to all parties associated with re-engage from the peace procedure. Pakistan remains committed to facilitating this peace process,” that the PM tweeted.

The three Taliban leaders, that have been swapped from the Afghan authorities in exchange of western hostages, comprise crucial militant figure Anas Haqqani. The Taliban leaders attracted on Qatar, meanwhile, King and Weeks were flown from Zabul from Afghanistan from American helicopters, international media reported.

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