Electricity cost will follow downward trend in future, says energy minister

Karachi Federal Energy Minister Umar Ayub has stated that the price of power will fall in future. He added that the energy cost increased because of the terrible policies of the preceding authorities.

The energy ministry said the prime minister needs a revolution in energy industry to reduce the price of power. Ayub said that the authorities took attempts to get rid of power theft and create revenue.

Ayub claimed when the price of power will return, it is going to aid in generating projects for the youth. “It’s the flagship policy of this PTI authorities to decrease electricity charges.”He explained that the price of each unit of power went around Rs17 throughout the PML-N tenure.

He said electricity plants worth 700 million bucks are being established in the nation which will create 8,000 megawatts of power by 2025.The minister stated that an alternate energy policy was prepared to assist address electricity woes.

He said the government is making attempts to create power through solar electricity and finish and steps for the purpose will be being accepted.

He said Pakistan will begin getting electricity through alternate energy resources by 2030.He explained that at least 65 percent of electricity generation through alternate resources in Pakistan is going to be ecofriendly.

He emphasized that not one penny was awarded to anybody at Karkay case.He also added,”We chose on board NEPRA in addition to the states to devise renewable energy policy”

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