Pakistan Intends to Increase biotech exports to $20 bn in next ten Decades

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has said that Pakistan desired to reach percent of GDP through biotechnology exports and intended to reach 20 billion biotech exports from another ten decades.

“I’d encourage the businesses from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to come back and join usit’s a massive market for the entire world,” Chaudhry said.We’re prepared to deliver formal suggestions to Saudi Arabia and UAE to become partners in the sphere of biotechnology since it intends to expand research and innovation in science and engineering, the ministry stated.

“The UAE ambassador has shown interest in Pakistan’s offer to join hand in biotechnology jobs but I am searching for practical measures as we’ve just finished our legalities. “Biotechnology is the area that will capture global economy over anything else. By way of instance, herbal medication extraction is the place that isn’t researched properly within this portion of earth.

“”UAE and Saudi Arabia have their particular herbs but the possibility of the medicinal herbs hasn’t yet been researched through appropriate study,” the ministry stated.”I’d love to promote both Saudi Arabia and UAE to begin mutual jobs with Pakistan on herbal medications and similar locations “”Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia would be the largest importers of hydroponic agriculture and we’d love to become a part of the by exporting to those countries.”

“I spoke to the concerned government during my UAE trip in September and today we’re finalizing the facts,” he explained.

“UAE’s space program is quite progress and we are extremely eager to work closely together with UAE to profit from their expertise of space assignment,” Chaudhry said.

He said Pakistan also wished to signal an MoU following year together with the initial artificial intelligence (AI) university setup in the UAE.”Once it’ll be fully operational next year, we’d love to signal a few MoU on this UAE college to operate collectively,” Chaudhry said.

“Pakistan has 11 centres of excellence in AI and I’ll ask NUST to strategy AI college in Abu Dhabi to operate on joint projects.”He said Pakistan wanted to collaborate with Saudi Arabia to handle the battle of cybersecurity.”Saudi Arabia has organized international conferences and taken steps to manage cybersecurity challenges. Pakistan would love to collaborate with all the kingdom to gain from its expertise,” Chaudhry said.

“I shall take up the problem using the ministry of information technologies also so that in future people could take part in global conferences on cybersecurity organized by Saudi Arabia”.He said Pakistan,

UAE and Saudi Arabia should begin exchange plans for professionals, universities and scientists pupils, including that the brotherly nations could gain from Pakistan’s ability in software creation.Talking about his latest trip to China, the ministry said Pakistan was seeking to boost its exports to China, and had put up a high profile commission for this purpose.

“This commission will determine the businesses in Pakistan together with the capability to export goods to China and also with the support of China we’ll update those businesses,” Chaudhry said.

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