PM Is Responsible For ‘Someone’ To Travel Abroad, Says Justice Khosa

ISLAMABAD: The prime minister should remember that he himself allowed ‘someone’ to go abroad, said Chief Justice Khosa on Wednesday.

A day ago, the prime minister had said in an indirect reference to Nawaz’s travel to London that there are separate laws for the weak and powerful in the country, requesting Justice Khosa to deliver prompt justice.

“The case about which the prime minister taunted us about is the same one in which he allowed someone to go abroad,” he said.

The CJP said that the prime minister should refrain from issuing such statements as he is the chief executive of the government. Justice Khosa said that they have been working without resources, adding that those criticising the courts should be careful.

Justice Khosa praised judges for their dedication and commitment.

“One female judge of a model court postponed her wedding as she wanted to conclude proceedings of a case,” he said. “When I witnessed the dedication and commitment of these judges, I couldn’t help but shed tears,” he added.

A (former) chief of army staff’s case is about to be decided soon: Justice Khosa
Justice Khosa said that 1009 was the year after which the judiciary changed and started making decisions in line with the law.

“We are given examples of the past. Do not compare us to the judiciary before 2009. After 2009, the judiciary is different and independent. Some say the judiciary operates fearlessly while others are of the view that the judiciary is completely independent. That is not the case–we are only bound by the law,” he said.

“For us, no one is either big or small or powerful. We convicted one prime minister and disqualified another. A (former) chief of army staff’s case is about to be decided soon. Are these examples not in front of you? For us, only the law is powerful,” he said.

The CJP said that the courts are now in the process of giving a verdict in relation to the case of a former army chief.

The top judge lamented that the judiciary is working without proper resources and only above 300 judges gave verdicts in hundred thousands of cases last year. “If one high-profile case gets highlighted by media then it does not mean the 3.6 million cases by a mere 3,100 judges should lay forgotten.”

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