Disappointed with PM Imran, boxer Amir Khan wants to market sport himself in Pakistan

LONDON: British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan has alleged that Prime Minister Imran Khan has done ‘nothing for sports in Pakistan’ after coming to power, adding that he would himself like to take up the task of promoting sports in Pakistan.

In an interview, the boxer praised PM Imran Khan as a ‘great sports player and a great politician’, however, adding that he has ‘not done much for sports’.

The boxing star said: “So you know even though he is a great person but for sports he has not done nothing. Being a sportsman, he has not done anything for sports”.

Amir Khan, who is a friend of PM Imran Khan, said that “all the people in Pakistan are crying”.

In the same interview, Khan credited himself for being “the only person that does anything for sports”.

Boxer Khan said that he was taking Pakistani boxers ‘around the world to put them in fights’.

Amir Khan has said on several occasions he wanted to establish more boxing academies in Pakistan, but he was not getting the assistance to do so.

The boxer alleged that a government minister visited his boxing academy, made some pictures and left, and nothing was done after that.

“There should be at least 10-15 boxing academies in Pakistan because there are so many boxers in Pakistan but nothing’s happening so that’s why I said that Imran khan, being a sports man, he is not really backing sports”.

Amir Khan feared that sports are “probably going down even more than before because Nawaz Sharif is the one who got the Sports Council of Pakistan to give me the boxing academy, then I spent my own money around $100,000 on it to build it up but all I say is that Imran Khan is less supporting boxing”.

Amir Khan expressed desire to enter in Pakistani politics, saying that he will do something for people if he became sports minister.

Amir Khan often attended fundraising events with PM Imran Khan in Manchester in the past. The prime minister had at one event promised to take people like Amir Khan to Pakistan.

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