Pakistan’s stocks outperform world’s leading stock markets, report reveals

According to Bloomberg, Pakistan’s stock market soared by 30 percent (almost 10,000 points) throughout the last 3 months and consequently diluting the leading stock markets. Ireland’s stock market climbed by 20pc, followed by Russia’s RTS index using a 15pc increase.

What’s more, that the Sweden OMX Stockholm 30 and Germany’s DAX Index increased by 14pc, respectively in the past few months.The report added that Pakistan’s KSE-100 Index has advanced to the maximum level in seven weeks.

The growth comes as a consequence of measures taken by the authorities to stabilise the market using a $6 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after a shortage blowout.Meanwhile, the bond returns have started to fall after peaking around 14pc mid-year, allowing traders to look at riskier options.

They have to appear at riskier assets today,” said Soomro, who spent about a decade as a fund manager at companies such as Tundra Fonder AB. “Therefore, the stock market is a tempting wager ” He added that using stocks trading at predetermined levels, it is probably inevitable there is a pause for breath.

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