Hitting himself with a slipper Chef Gulzar is protesting On Nawaz

Celebrity chef Gulzar uploaded a video that went viral in which he can be seen hitting himself with a slipper as a unique protest directed towards the government for allowing former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to fly abroad.

The chef recorded a video of himself in which he sarcastically laments the government’s decision to allow Nawaz to fly broad for medical treatment. He hopes the government provides relief to the common man as well, before hitting himself repeatedly over the head with a slipper.

“I never comment on politics but today, I wanted to say something,” he says in the beginning of the video. “I want to congratulate Nawaz Sharif on behalf of myself and millions of people as he got relief from the government.”

Gulzar then pulls out a slipper and before hitting himself over the head with it repeatedly, says: “I wanted to express my happiness at the government and its institutions for giving relief to Nawaz. This is how I will celebrate my happiness–by hitting myself over the head repeatedly with this slipper.”

Gulzar then states that he expects people who are in jails will also get instant relief like Nawaz and people who were committing suicide owing to inflation will also get justice.

“People who are selling their children will also get relief,” he says, before hitting himself again with a slipper.

Gulzar then says that women who were selling their dignity to run their household will also get relief due to this.

“Those people who are victims at the hands of the police and who cannot do anything but pay bribes to free themselves or become paralyzed due to the injustices will hopefully also get relief,” he says, hitting himself once again on the head with the same slipper.

He then ends the video by hitting himself twice over the head with the slipper again but not before he recites a verse from a song:-

“Mai khush hun, mere ansuuon pe na jana,

Mai deewaana, mai deewaana, mai deewaana”

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