Meera loses her phone data and Twitter credentials

Veteran Pakistani actress Meera has come forth revealing that she is extremely ‘heartbroken’ after losing all her phone data.

On Friday, the Baaji starlet took to Instagram to reveal that her phone has broken down, and she has lost her Twitter credentials as a consequence of that.

Meera went on to add that she is in dire need of professional help and asked her followers to facilitate her in this debacle.

“I’m extremely Upset since Imy phones broken n I lost the login details of my Twitter account. I’ll very grateful for any support by an IT professional who knows how to recover or perhaps any suggestions!!! @themeerajee any suggestions and who is the best in IT and professional please comment and update [sic],” she wrote in her post.

Earlier, the actress was in the news for undergoing a major surgery in Dubai.

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